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EasyIT provides a managed private Cloud / Virtual infrastructure.

Is it time to upgrade your data center? You should consider a cloud infrastructure! The logic for retaining a locally hosted datacenter is rapidly losing ground to the scalability, robust feature set, and economy that cloud services provide. This change reduces the need to buy or lease hardware or make sure the air conditioning works! Instead, you can concentrate on your business and consider leasing your needed computing power. Now, cloud services also make scaling easier, reduce management overhead, and allow businesses of any size to leverage the reliability of a large cloud system. EasyIT can help you migrate your current data to a cloud solution and also fully manage it for you!

Successfully building and delivering cloud services require a holistic view of how applications, infrastructure, automation, people, and processes interact. EasyIT unifies technology, advanced services, and strategic partnerships, which allows us to successfully leverage cloud services to empower your business!

Whether you’re a large enterprise, growing business, government organization or non-profit, EasyIT can help you meet your unique infrastructure challenges, allowing you to deploy, manage and secure your critical business applications and services in the cloud.  We can help you to increase agility, accelerate deployment cycle times, reduce costs, increase margins, and drive revenue in a cloud infrastructure.

Our highly trained sales engineers are ready to discuss every detail of your service requirements for co-location, cloud, and managed hosting. We will provide the right cloud infrastructure deployment to fit your needs and stay within your budget.

The days of private data centers, or for smaller customers a data closet, may be coming to an end. While cloud services may sound scary to some, it could be the best technology news for your company to come along in years.

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