Is your IT department having trouble meeting tight deadlines? Are they finding it hard to cope with your increased IT demands? Whatever the case, it’s time to get some help.

Comprehensive IT support is not a one-person job. Especially in our modern times when a robust IT infrastructure is arguably the glue that holds your entire operation together. Think of your daily functions, and you realize that you wouldn’t be in business without your IT infrastructure. For that reason, it’s essential to have IT support you can count on.

Over the years we’ve been working alongside businesses all over Columbus, Ohio, we’ve come across many companies with chronic IT issues. Most of the time, it was simply because their IT departments could not handle their IT demands. Alternatively, some smaller businesses preferred to have an IT person come by once in a while. In both cases, these businesses suffered constant IT setbacks that significantly slowed down their growth.

So why didn’t they ask for some help? No, it’s not because they were too proud. Surprisingly, it was because many business IT decision-makers believed they had to choose between insourcing and outsourcing their IT solutions. Because they had limited access to helpful information on IT management, they wrongly assumed that the two models are mutually exclusive. They aren’t.

For various reasons, some businesses wish to keep their IT department while outsourcing some IT functions to a managed IT services provider. So, what’s a simple solution? Leveraging co-managed IT services.

The past few years have seen this handy third option gain popularity with businesses of all sizes.

Some of the reasons why many businesses are now moving towards co-managed IT services are as follows:

  • Their in-house team has to focus on high-level IT plans and needs help with daily routine tasks such as troubleshooting, software updates, data back-ups, etc.
  • Their internal IT staff lacks the technical expertise to handle their overall IT strategy.
  • Their business is in a rapid growth phase.
  • They need reliable IT solutions for a remote branch of their company.

We realize that completely outsourcing your IT services to a managed IT services provider (MSP) can seem like a drastic change. To be fair, the transition does present its fair share of challenges.

To further our mission to educate businesses about co-managed IT services, we came up with this article. We explore some crucial considerations that will help you make the best decision for your business.

Learn how co-managed IT services will help you enjoy the best of both worlds.

Co Managed IT Services in Columbus Ohio

What Are the Pros and Cons of Internal IT Support?

Pros: Some of the reasons why you may choose to have an in-house IT department include:

  • You Have Greater Control: Having an internal IT department means you can enjoy timely technology solutions that follow your preferred procedures. You can also control aspects such as:
    • Time
    • Work prioritization
    • Quality of work
  • You’ll Save More: Despite typically being more expensive than outsourcing to an MSP, there are a few instances when in-house IT support may be cheaper. For example, in a case whereby there’s an unforeseen IT setback, your internal IT staff would handle it at no extra cost. Contrarily, an MSP usually charges additional fees for any unpredicted tasks.
  • It’s More Convenient: You can quickly call in your IT person whenever you encounter an issue.
  • Cons: Despite having its benefits, internal IT support comes with some challenges:
  • You Have Limited Access to Professional Expertise: Although the tech field is incredibly diverse, you’ll find most in-house IT departments are severely understaffed. To compound the problem, internal IT staff may lack recent certifications.
  • Your Data Is at Risk: Because your in-house IT staff only work during regular business hours, your network is open to several threats for a long time.
  • It’s Expensive: Capable IT professionals don’t offer their services cheaply. The cost of financing your internal IT department could rise to double the monthly subscription fee to a managed IT services provider.

What Are Co-managed IT Services? Briefly put, co-managed IT services involve working with a managed IT services provider to augment your in-house IT team’s capabilities and availability. This model empowers you to choose how you would like to share roles between your IT department and the managed IT services provider.

Co-management is a cheaper alternative to hiring and maintaining an IT professional with experience in your industry. It’s also convenient since you have access to reliable IT support whenever complicated technology problems crop up.

Let’s take a closer look at the key advantages of having an internal IT team.

Why Should You Choose Co-Managed IT Services?

By allowing you to insource and outsource your IT services simultaneously, co-management promises to offer a host of benefits to your business. These include:

  • Your IT Team Can Focus on Urgent Issues: Perhaps your IT department is continuously overwhelmed by the volume of work. An easy fix is supplementing their efforts with a co-managed team. Your in-house IT staff will be free to perform higher-level roles leaving the routine tasks to your co-managed team. Beyond easing the workload on in-house IT professionals, it will also cut down on possible errors due to overwork.
  • Your Business Can Scale Quickly: It’s inevitable that as your company grows, you will have to scale up your operation. Co-management makes it more convenient for you to either scale up or down. For example, you could take advantage of Co-managed IT during a rapid growth phase as a cheaper alternative to hiring more IT staff. In case you no longer need that much support, you can easily scale back.
  • Your Network Will Be Safer: With co-management, you can access Security Awareness Training for your employees. They would be much better placed to spot cyber threats such as phishing emails. Also, the team from your MSP can drop by regularly to carry out penetration testing and vulnerability assessments to help bolster your data security.
  • You’ll Be Able to Budget Accurately: Co-managed IT services are a pocket-friendly solution to a wide range of IT needs. Everything from Help Desk Services to remote monitoring, and account management services, is covered under a specified monthly fee.

Ready to Leverage Co-Managed IT Services?

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