About Us – EasyIT

EasyIT has been serving clients throughout Central Ohio and across the world from its corporate office in Columbus, Ohio since 1998. Our team of well trained, certified technicians and engineers work together ensuring your IT needs are fulfilled.

Our services include:

How we became EasyIT

We opened our doors in January of 1998 as Capital City Consulting. One morning in the depths of a technology-driven despair, a business neighbor, shared his exasperation. “All a business owner wants is Easy IT”. He simply wanted his office technology to work, and his words really resonated with us at Capital City Consulting. We knew he was not alone and anyone who has ever struggled with the increasing complexity and constantly changing landscape of business technology knows just what our business neighbor meant. We took his comment to heart, making it our brand, and our mission.


“To make IT Easy for our clients each and every single day”. Our mission guides our actions, goals, and decisions. We want our clients’ IT functions to work seamlessly!

Customer Service:

At EasyIT, customer service means:

  • Designing and implementing systems that will help you reach your goals.
  • Always readily available should a problem arise.
  • Regularly optimizing and maintaining clients’ computer systems, so you have less crashes and downtime.
  • Providing more time to go about your business as usual.
  • Training and explaining the systems to your staff in easy-to-understand language.

Our Clients:

EasyIT has broad experience supporting industries including Architecture, Engineering, Healthcare, Not-for-Profit, Financial, and Retail. We support our clients’ offices across the US and their remote workers around the globe.