What are IT Managed Services?
[box style=”rounded”]IT Managed Services are the transfer of management of some or all of an organization’s IT operations to an IT service provider such as EasyIT. Typically clients have a flat monthly fee for a set amount of services.[/box]

Where is your helpdesk located?
[box style=”rounded”]Our helpdesk service is based in Dublin, Ohio and is manned by our own full-time employees. We do not outsource our services.[/box]

What is remote monitoring?
[box style=”rounded”]Remote monitoring is a set of tools, operations center and processes that allow us to predict failures before they impact your business and then remotely re-mediate issues.[/box]

Do you provide onsite support?
[box style=”rounded”]Yes, we provide support for our clients, on-site or off, in any location.[/box]

How is Managed Services different from “standard” IT Services?

[box style=”rounded”]

There are two basic areas of distinction:

  1. The support approach of proactive vs. reactive: In a reactive model, many companies setup their systems, get them to a functional state and then leave them alone until a crisis occurs. They tend to avoid their IT technology until there is a major issue and business operations are impacted. Then, when there is a crisis, they call in help. The help then charges an hourly rate to work on the problem. A proactive approach is about consistently doing the things that help keep systems performing well. Routine maintenance, patches, updates and system work are performed to keep things in shape. Systems are monitored and when resources or problems start indicating a problem it is reported prior to a major event and service is dispatched to address the concern before it impedes the business.

  2. Financial Alignment: In the reactive model, the IT partner makes their money when you are in crisis. They are really incentivized when there is a problem. They feed when you bleed. If there were no problems they would go out of business. Their focus is on recovering from issues not avoiding them. In short, they gain when you are in pain.

Managed service is different because there should be a performance guarantee. MS focuses on avoidance of problems vs. recovery from problems.


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