EasyIT provides best practices and compliance consulting to mitigate risk and meet your HIPAA and PCI compliance needs.

Every organization needs to balance its users’ technology needs — speed, ease of use, access and convenience — with the critical need (and cost) to keep information safe and secure.  Every company faces a variety of on-going sophisticated threats, potential liability, and risk.  Balancing between accessibility and risk can be better managed through professional IT risk assessment and audits.

Our IT assessment and audit services begin with identifying the most valuable and sensitive data within your organization and analyzing your risks. After identifying and evaluating your data and exposures, EasyIT will recommend the most feasible and appropriate security standards based on industry best-practices. Once techniques are chosen, EasyIT can help implement those standards to help mitigate your company’s risk.  IT audits can ensure systems operate optimally to support your organization’s strategic vision and contribute to your organization’s risk assessment process.

EasyIT Audits and Assessment for:

  • PCI (including PCI response documents)
  • Security
  • Best Practices
  • IT General Controls

Give EasyIT a call to feel confident in managing  your compliance and risk!

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