Visual and Thermal Perimeter Defense

Know who is entering your location before they do

Imagine convenient, secure access with visual and thermal perimeter defense, and no key card required. No more searching for your card when it’s cold outside, or worrying about forgetting your card at home. With facial recognition access control, you get secure, controlled building access, and you know who is entering your location before they enter.

The technology provides a 2 MP, wide-angle, dual-lens, anti-spoofing camera system that can recognize live faces, even in dark environments. It can recognize different faces,  contactless cards, and store events. The device can perform independently with support for a secondary card reader, or it can connect to an external access control controller.

As if ease of use and interoperability were not enough, the solution is configurable, allowing for thermal checks to see if the individual might have a temperature.  What an opportunity to deny access to someone that could have an illness to an entry point.

The solution brings security and convenience to users and the reception area. Security can see and communicate with the visitor, and unlock the door remotely using a mobile app or a video intercom. The combination of video surveillance, access control, video intercom, and attendance tracking are functions that make this solution a versatile and concise solution for multiple challenges.

Realize Security and Environmental Benefits

  • Superior environmental adaptability:
    Thermal products are capable of capturing images all day and night, regardless of environmental factors such as darkness, bright light, backlight, fog, and haze.

  • More accurate alarms:
    Powerful behavior analyses (line crossing, intrusion, region entrance, and exit) are based on a deep learning algorithm, which provides higher alarm accuracy and reduces false alarms.

  • Extended distances:
    Compared to optical cameras, thermal detection covers much longer distances and requires fewer devices to install.

  • Better visuals:
    With thermal cameras, you can easily discover objects and potential risks otherwise invisible to normal cameras. In addition to thermal images, the built-in visible-light module can provide supplementary recorded evidence – lowering costs for installation.

Ideal Access Control Solution for a variety of applications

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