EasyIT’s Remarkable Sponsorship at the 2023 Ohio Credit Union League Foundation Golf Outing

In the realm of sponsorships, companies frequently search for ways to stand out and make a lasting impression. This year’s Ohio Credit Union League Foundation Golf Outing witnessed unprecedented uniqueness thanks to EasyIT. This forward-thinking company sponsored a hole and added a memorable twist to the game by introducing a cannon for participants to launch their inaugural shot.

Background of the Event

The Ohio Credit Union League Foundation Golf Outing is a much-anticipated event that garners the attention of credit union aficionados and supporters every year. It’s not just an event for golf lovers; it’s a day where collaboration, community, and charity intersect, reflecting the core values of credit unions.

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EasyIT’s Bold Move

When companies decide to sponsor an event, they typically have their logo displayed, perhaps a booth, and in some cases, some promotional materials handed out. EasyIT, however, had a different plan in mind. By bringing in a cannon for players to fire their first golf shot, they successfully combined the fun and playful spirit of the game with a unique branding opportunity. It was an unforgettable experience for everyone involved.

Highlight of the Day: Meeting Education First Credit Union

Amidst the excitement, another standout moment for EasyIT was the opportunity to meet and engage with one of their esteemed clients, Education First Credit Union. Moments like these go beyond mere networking and delve into building and nurturing long-term relationships.

Looking Back at the Credit Union Foundation’s Beliefs

In the past, like the very essence of credit unions, the Foundation firmly believed in instituting positive change in the world. Those golfers and sponsors who rallied behind the Ohio Credit Union Foundation Golf Classic were instrumental in arming the Foundation with the resources needed to make this vision a reality. By partaking in the Golf Classic, the Foundation’s most substantial single-day fundraising event, participants not only had the joy of enjoying 18 holes of golf with their colleagues but also the heartwarming knowledge that their contributions were paving the way for the Foundation to support and magnify the reach of Ohio’s credit unions.


The 2023 Ohio Credit Union League Foundation Golf Outing was not just another event on the calendar. With EasyIT’s imaginative approach to sponsorship and the collective spirit of all sponsors and participants, it was a day that underscored the essence of community, innovation, and the enduring mission of credit unions. As the world of sponsorships and corporate engagement evolves, other companies might want to take a page out of EasyIT’s playbook – sometimes, all it takes is a cannon to make an unforgettable impact!

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