Network Security Operations Center


Our NSOC manages a best-in-class ecosystem of tools to keep our computer environments healthy and safe.  The NSOC minimizes events and speeds time to recovery when events do happen.

Your company may have a fully functional IT department that masters your line of business applications, designs and maintains your network and can support  users without issue.  However few IT departments have the bandwidth to implement and maintain a cutting edge toolset that helps the rest of IT run smoother.  At EasyIT we have spent years refining our Network and Security Operations toolset so that it delivers real value, not a bunch of noise.

Furthermore, we have full-time staff that monitor and manage that toolset.

Network Security Operations Center Services Include:

Operating System Patches

We have a greater than 98% patch rate across 1000’s of machines

Monitor and manage backups.

We know when your backups have failed or stopped reporting.

Configure, update and monitor a full suite of security tools

Defense has to be a layered approach and it is always evolving.  We stay on top of best of breed defense practices for you.

Best in Class Technology Solutions

Email Spam/Virus Filter and Continuity
Anti-virus Protection
Internet Security
Threat Protection
Mobile Device Management

Does your IT team have time to consistently:

With outsourcing IT services, EasyIT essentially becomes your business IT department, performing the same functions as if you had a full internal IT department. For many of our clients, this option lets them leverage the process, utilize the tools, and staff with the maturity of a much larger company, at a scale that fits their needs.

  • Test and apply operating system patches.
  • Test and apply third party application patches
  • Monitor antivirus status
  • Configure, manager and monitor web traffic
  • Monitor and manage backups.
  • Configure, update and monitor a full suite of security tools

Our NSOC is Always Ready

EasyIT gives our client partners direct access to this full set of tools and also include helpdesk software, remote management software and remote control software.  We simply implement and maintain them.  Often the cost of this solution is comparable to what the tools themselves would cost a client should they purchase them directly and your IT team gets world class tools to keep them productive.

Did you know that:

24% of SMBs are aware of having a cyberattack in the past 12 months.
Government agencies fail to find 37% of all breaches.
68% of professionals share passwords across personal and work accounts via their mobile device.

Sources: Accenture, Cisco and Ponemon.

Give EasyIT a call to learn more on getting a good nights sleep while EasyIT’s NSOC is on the Job!

“We have locations where every single minute counts (and it’s our most complicated network) – that is where the EasyIT engineer has helped us the most! He is always able to decipher the problem and get things working for everyone”

Bill F.
FARO Logistics Solutions