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For 20+ years, EasyIT has focused on providing network security and technology security services for growing organizations throughout Central Ohio.
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Why Should You Trust EasyIT With Your Network Security Operations?

It only takes a moment — a less-than-secure password, a single click on the wrong website — and your company’s security can be compromised.

At EasyIT our NSOC provides your business with professional security specialists who efficiently oversee critical infrastructure in real-time, enabling you to operate at a high level of security maturity to defend against cyber threats at all times.

In a bid to help propel your business and keep security at an optimum level using our NSOC, we will configure and deploy our tools to ensure that your information systems are actively monitored, regularly assessed, and aggressively defended. Our protective network covers entire data centers, networks, application and database servers, desktops, and other endpoints.

Our NSOC also gives your organization the resources needed to respond to incidents swiftly and resolve them effectively.

Network Security
Network Security Assessment

Our Reliable, Vetted NSOC Process

The EasyIT team carries out an initial assessment of the breach, conducts a comprehensive investigation, suggests, agrees on and rapidly implements a solution. Our team also provides direction on navigating reporting obligations as well as ongoing support to improve your security environment and structure.

EasyIT’s NSOC also offers an overview assessment that utilizes our standard rating framework to identify controls, processes, policies and capabilities within your environment. We will also work with you to address identified vulnerabilities and risks, while also providing a roadmap to reducing your cyber risk profile.

We conduct frequent vulnerability scans against your company’s network environment — providing you with valuable insights on which security infrastructure may be targeted by attackers and how to remediate the risks.

Network Security Services In Columbus & Central Ohio

Organizations across Central Ohio and Columbus who partner with us benefit from our expertise and experience, as well as the
wide range of network security services we tailor specifically for each of our clients.

We are developing and implementing technology solutions that enable you to achieve your goals
24/7 availability to take care of any IT emergencies
Regular optimization and maintenance of your computer systems to minimize the chance of downtime
Operations training to your staff to ensure they can use technology effectively

Protect Your Critical Business Operations with EasyIT’s NSOC

EasyIT handles the overall security responsibility of patching, identification of security threats, frequent backup checks, and overall oversight of the security profile without losing track of strengths and weaknesses.

  • Ensure your organization is compliant with regulations.
  • 24/7 monitoring of all critical assets and systems.
  • Real-time detection of threats as well as identification of impending threats through threat intelligence features.
  • Rapid response to cyber breaches to mitigate reputational and financial impact.
  • Educational resources and training for your employees.
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Since 1998, we have been providing network security and other technology solutions for organizations in Columbus and Central Ohio. We have a team of experienced, highly-trained, and certified engineers and technicians who work hard to fulfill your IT needs.

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