EasyIT’s Megan O’Hara Featured By Columbus Business First

We’re proud to share that our very own Megan O’Hara was featured in Columbus Business First’s “People On The Move” section.

Over her time with EasyIT Megan has made a huge impact on both our culture and the quality of service enjoyed by our clients. We’re so proud of her for having been featured in this section for all her hard work establishing the EasyIT & Me Advisory Council.

EasyIT Client Advisory Council

What Is The EasyIT & Me Advisory Council?

The EasyIT & Me Advisory Council is a peer group that brings together different EasyIT clients to share insight and experience, and network with one another. Megan recognized that peer groups had been beneficial to her in other parts of her career, and knew the same would be true for our Co-Managed IT clients.

No matter what point a company may be at—a few months after start-up, or years into growth—one thing stays the same: the challenges are always new, and always difficult to overcome. This is a specific opportunity for peers to help.

The many different representatives of businesses involved in the EasyIT & Me Advisory Council, and other groups like it, offer invaluable knowledge as to how they acted at each point in their growth, what problems they had to solve, and what solutions they found to be the most effective.

Megan launched the EasyIT & Me Advisory Council as a way for EasyIT’s internal IT partners to be able to collaborate and network. Many of our clients have the same challenges, and so, by bringing this group together, these professionals can discuss the challenges they face and how they overcome those challenges.

In facilitating the peer group, Megan puts on regular events at which our clients can join together to discuss a key learning topic, network, and collaborate. There is a specific topic for every event—the last event focused on cyber insurance, and so, we brought in a cyber insurance expert to speak with our internal IT partners. These events are quarterly and include food, drinks, networking, and problem-solving.

Looking For Peer-Peer Insight & Support?

It’s for all the reasons listed above that our clients know that their involvement in a peer group like the EasyIT & Me Advisory Council is valuable and helpful. We’re proud of Megan for launching this initiative and can’t wait to see how it continues to grow and develop under her direction.

If you’re looking for a peer group, the EasyIT & Me Advisory Council may be right for you—get in touch with Megan to learn more about what a partnership with EasyIT would do for your business!

How Much Should Your Organization Pay For IT Support Services in Columbus?

How Much Should Your Organization Pay For IT Support Services in Columbus?

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