203 HDI Awards Event Recap

At the close of 2023, our Mid-Ohio HDI chapter gathered to honor and celebrate the outstanding nominees and finalists for our HDI Awards. They proudly congratulated Nicole Dolderer and Brian Silver for winning in their respective categories. However, they also believed in acknowledging all the talented nominees, sharing their accomplishments and stories, and showcasing their dedication and achievements within the IT sector.

During this celebration, everyone engaged in networking. Attendees enjoyed an inspiring presentation by Kirk Weisler, which provided insights and value to all attendees, fostering collaboration and connections to tackle common challenges faced in our industry. As an HDI membership community, they strive to address topics based on members’ needs and interests from surveys and interactions.

HDI Awards Celebration

At the end of 2023, we came together for a fantastic HDI Awards event at the Mid-Ohio chapter, where we honored all the outstanding nominees and finalists. Thanks to Nicole Dolderer and Brian Silver, who emerged as winners in their respective categories.

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Announcement of Winners

Celebrating Nicole Dolder

We honored Nicole Dolder as one of our Mid Ohio HDI Awards winners. Her dedication and accomplishments in the IT sector earned her a well-deserved recognition among her peers.

Applauding Brian Silver

In addition to celebrating Nicole, we proudly acknowledged Brian Silver for his outstanding contributions and achievements in the IT community. His hard work and perseverance made him a winner in his category.

HDI strives to connect individuals in the IT sector, collaborate on various challenges, and engage their members in selecting topics through surveys.

Networking and Collaboration Opportunities

The event also provided excellent opportunities for networking and an insightful presentation by Kirk Weisler. HDI brings together professionals within the IT sector, facilitating connections and collaboration to address challenges within individual roles or organizations.

Based on feedback from our members and event attendees, HDI determines the topics for discussion throughout the year, ensuring relevancy and value for our community. We are excited about our next event on February 8th and encourage you to register on the HDI website.

HDI Membership Perks

As members of the Mid Ohio HDI chapter, they provide numerous benefits to enhance your professional growth and networking opportunities within the IT sector. Some of the key advantages include:

  • Celebrating Achievements: They take pride in acknowledging and honoring the accomplishments of our members, such as the recent HDI Awards, where Nicole Dolder and Brian Silver were celebrated for their outstanding contributions.
  • Networking Opportunities: Their events present an excellent platform for connecting with like-minded individuals in the IT field, enabling knowledge exchange and collaboration for tackling common challenges.
  • Tailored Presentations: To cater to your interests and preferences, they conduct surveys asking members and event attendees about the topics they would like to see discussed in future events. This ensures they address relevant subjects that hold value for you.
  • Engaging Events: They periodically host events featuring informative and inspiring presentations by industry experts, such as the recent talk by Kirk Weisler. The next upcoming event on February 8th promises to be another engaging experience.
  • Easy Registration: To join them at their events, simply register through the HDI website and be part of the conversation.
  • Training Opportunities: Learn more about training opportunities on the HDI website


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