9/25/2018, EasyIT is excited to announce our recent acquisition of The Technology Connection to create our newest division EasyIT Connect. Said Eric Hoeft, President of EasyIT, “We have partnered with The Technology Connection to provide structured cabling for our clients for years.  Combining our networking expertise with this addition creates some great synergies that allow us to further serve the technology needs of EasyIT customers.”

The newly created EasyIT Connect division are experts at structured cabling, VOIP phones systems, surveillance systems, access control, and audio video solutions.  EasyIT is also excited to announce that Jeff Sabo, President of The Technology Connection, has joined our team as the EasyIT Connect Manager of Operations.  “Jeff’s 20+ years of experience in technology are invaluable for building this business line,” said Eric. “We are excited to be able to formalize our long-standing relationships with Jeff and his experienced team.”

“The possibilities are truly exciting” agreed Jeff Sabo.  “Being a part of EasyIT, I have a structure that allows me to focus on delivering services without the distraction of the back office work.  I feel we can scale this business and serve customers with networking, cabling, phone, and low voltage needs at a speed that was not possible before. With the increasing needs of access control and security, this is a market that we expect to continue growing.”

Founded in 1998, EasyIT is a Dublin, Ohio based provider of managed and co-managed IT services.  They currently provide IT services to 5,000+ users across central Ohio and in locations in 14 other states.

How Much Should Your Organization Pay For IT Support Services in Columbus?

How Much Should Your Organization Pay For IT Support Services in Columbus?

Many of our competitors will never reveal how much you should pay to outsource your IT support?

Not with EasyIT.

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