EasyIT Donates $25,000 To Help Columbus Rotary Club Launch Career Path Awards Program

EasyIT has donated $25,000 in funding to help the Columbus Rotary Club start a scholarship program to assist trade school students in furthering their careers and gaining new employment opportunities.

The EasyIT team is proud to have made a $25,000 donation to the Columbus Rotary Club, which will help to launch a new scholarship fund in support of trade school students and graduates. As an active member of the Columbus business world, EasyIT recognizes that an investment in the next generation will only serve to benefit the future of our community.

“Finding skilled tradespeople is not an easy task.  Our communities need to do a better job of making the trades accessible to all.  As our [Business partners – Eric and Kurt Hoeft] father taught trades for 30 years, the opportunity to help launch this initiative is near and dear to our hearts.” said Kurt Hoeft, CEO of EasyIT.

The Columbus Rotary’s Career Path Awards program offers scholarships of up to $2,500 to trade school students. This funding is designated to both recognize and support individuals who are seeking additional non-degree training to further their careers that require specialized skills (but do not require college degrees).

For example, trade schools often require students to purchase their uniforms and tools as a part of their tuition, an expense that may prevent some potential entrants from enrolling. The Career Path Awards program seeks to eliminate barriers like this for ambitious and committed students.

Furthermore, this program will connect qualified students with potential future employers. This will both help to kickstart careers for students leaving trade school, and source skilled new employees for the Columbus business community.

Scholarship programs managed by the Rotary like this one are possible thanks to donations and personal endowments funded by club members. EasyIT’s donation of $25,000 serves as a foundation for the Career Path Awards, which will be expanded by additional donations solicited in the Columbus business community.

”I am so glad EasyIT has come together with the Columbus Rotary to have an opportunity to create positive, lasting change in young people’s lives.”

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