Everglades Foundation Modernizes Business Operations With The Support Of EasyIT

The Everglades Foundation was founded in 1993 by George Barley and Paul Tudor Jones II, two outdoor enthusiasts passionate about preserving the Florida Everglades and bringing people together to provide a powerful voice for Everglades restoration.

According to Coreen Rogers, Chief Finance and Operations Officer at The Everglades Foundation, “Our foundation has three important missions, education, policy, and advocacy,”

The Everglades Foundation is 100% committed to these three core areas and the preservation of the Florida Everglades. However, there was one small problem.

With less than 50 employees, The Everglades Foundation historically relied on outsourced agencies to provide IT services and IT support.

With new administrative leadership in place and a period of expansive growth on the horizon, the foundation was focused on modernizing infrastructure and optimizing operations. It was time to find a new outsourced IT services partner with experience working with 501 (c) non-profit organizations.

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The Everglades Foundation Had A Vision

The Everglades Foundation had a vision for what they needed concerning their IT services.   Some of their goals revolved around the following:

  • Security and Accessibility of the Foundation’s data.
  • Supporting their users.
  • Better response time.
  • Better vision and planning

Armed with core requirements, The Everglades Foundation researched several information technology firms across South Florida and the United States.

EasyIT Checked All The Boxes

Finding a partner that could meet the needs of The Everglades Foundation was critical. As the foundation went through its process analyzing, they called on an expert consultant for additional insight and assistance. That chance encounter with the consultant would ultimately lead to The Everglades Foundation meeting with EasyIT.

When we met EasyIT, we found a proactive partner whose strategy and vision would move our organization forward

Coreen Rogers

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Modern Tools And Modern Technologies

EasyIT presented The Everglades Foundation with a strategy and vision to help take its organization forward. The detailed analysis and strategy shared insights on modern tools and equipment to empower all staff members with services and solutions in the Microsoft 365 suite.

Many Microsoft services were new to many team members at The Everglades Foundation.  EasyIT has been there every step of the way.

Tackle Immediate Challenges While Looking To The Future

EasyIT made it easy for The Everglade Foundation. Immediately, the team tackled all the organization’s immediate IT needs and devised a plan for the future. The short-term IT plan consisted of the following:

  • Management of all IT equipment
  • Transition staff to new support procedures
  • Organization of all data
  • Successful implementation of a new operating environment

The longer-term strategy set forth by EasyIT consisted of the following recommendations:

  • The protection and use of proprietary data, including digital production
  • Cataloging and storage of research data

EasyIT regularly meets with The Everglades Foundation on the longer-term vision and technology strategy. This strategy includes migrating and assuming the accessibility of all data and information into the cloud— proper security and access controls for all information in the cloud.

Coreen and everyone at The Everglades Foundation appreciate the collaborative efforts by all parties to ensure the successful completion of projects and ongoing IT needs for the organization.

The Everglade Foundation relies on EasyIT’s expertise to assist them in modernizing the way the entire organization does business.

Creativity & Energy Was Paramount

Selecting a new outsourced IT partner can be daunting for any sized organization. The same was true for The Everglades Foundation.

Since the organization has become accustomed to not having IT services onsite, choosing an IT Partner who was not in South Florida was removed from the list of qualifying criteria. The physical location of their following IT services partner needed to be more relevant.

The Everglades Foundation was looking for a new IT partner who brought a lot of energy and creativity to support the organization’s information technology needs.

They found the creativity and energy they desired in EasyIT.

“We hired EasyIT based on their reputation and references,” says Coreen, Chief Finance and Operations Officer at Everglades Foundation. “Surprisingly, we also received a team that brought a lot of energy and creativity, moving us forward.”

EasyIT Makes IT Easy!

After selecting EasyIT as the organization’s IT partner, they have found that EasyIT makes IT easy. It is not just a clever play on words.

The Everglades Foundation can connect with EasyIT whenever they need support through email or a dedicated support phone line for the organization’s employees.

The Everglade Foundation particularly enjoys the transparency in EasyIT’s support operations with demands states and other information providing the executive team with the ability to see, in real-time, how all organization members are using EasyIT. This transparency doesn’t end with EasyIT. It is extended across all technologies, including Microsoft 365 solutions.

The Everglades Foundation enjoys the detailed reporting provided by EasyIT and easy access for all staff members.  The staff at EasyIT are open, easy to deal with, and always have a friendly voice on the other end of the telephone.

“Some of the most frustrating moments are when your computer doesn’t work, or you need access to a critical file, and it’s not working. We found we could get a quick response from a friendly and helpful person.” Correen concludes.

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How Much Should Your Organization Pay For IT Support Services in Columbus?

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