Supporting The Everglades Foundation’s Everglades Literacy Program

EasyIT recently donated $500 to support The Everglades Foundation’s Literacy Program. 

The program is a part of Give Miami Day, an annual day of giving that began earlier in 2023. The purpose of the donation is to aid the foundation in its noble effort of instilling ecological awareness in younger generations. The Foundation’s free K-12 Literacy Program aims to educate children about the crucial ecological and economic values of America’s Everglades. 

The program has successfully trained 1,620 educators from 170 schools in Miami-Dade County. Thanks to the support of companies like EasyIT, the Foundation is planning to expand its reach and inspire more students.

Key Points

  • The Everglades Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to protecting and restoring the Everglades.
  • To ensure future generations understand the importance of preserving this national treasure, they offer an education program called The Everglades Literacy Program.
  • The literacy program provides educators free resources teaching students how to protect the Everglades.

Today’s youth have a critical role in the future of our planet, and education is the key to preserving our most treasured resources. That is why we strongly believe in giving back to those making a difference and empowering tomorrow’s leaders with the tools to succeed. America’s Everglades is one of the most unique environmental treasures, and we are proud to support the efforts to preserve these waterways.

The Everglades Foundation’s Everglades Literacy Program educates K-12 students about the ecological and economic values of the Everglades, is accessible to Miami-Dade County educators and students, and has trained over 1,620 educators in 170 schools. By donating to this program, we hope to help the foundation in its efforts to inspire a new generation of conservation stewards and help preserve this global treasure for future generations. 

What Is the Everglades Foundation?

The Everglades Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to protecting and restoring the Everglades. It was founded in 1993 by two Florida businessmen and outdoor enthusiasts, Paul Tudor Jones II and the late George Barley. The organization focuses on scientific research, advocacy, policy inputs, and public education to protect and restore the Everglades. Their leaders work with government agencies, industry leaders, and local communities to restore this universal resource. 

What Are Some of the Challenges Facing the Everglades?

The Everglades is one of North America’s most important ecological systems facing several challenges. One of those challenges is water pollution caused by runoff from agricultural activities, urban development, and other sources. This can lead to bacteria that can be toxic to wildlife and humans. Habitat destruction is another challenge caused by land development for residential or commercial use. Another challenge, climate change has led to rising sea levels which can cause flooding in low-lying areas of the Everglades. Through their education programs, like the Everglades Literacy Program, they are helping to ensure that future generations will be able to appreciate and protect the Everglades.

What Is the Everglades Literacy Program?

The Everglades Literacy Program is a call to action for schools, teachers, and students to ensure that future generations of Floridians understand the importance of the Everglades. The program provides educators with free educational resources. Through interactive activities and games, students learn about the importance of the Everglades, its species and habitats, how to protect it, and ways to help restore it. The Everglades Literacy Program also conducts teacher workshops throughout Florida and provides essential resources such as the Conceptual Framework and Teacher Toolkit.

The literacy program is one of the critical aspects of preserving and restoring the Everglades, which provides drinking water for 8 million Floridians. Thousands of teachers and students have attended workshops through the years and implemented the knowledge gained from the Literacy Program in their classrooms. The Everglades Literacy Program continues to have an essential role in ensuring the protection and sustainability of the Everglades.

How Can I Support the Everglades Foundation?

We encourage you to join us in supporting the Everglades Foundation. There are many ways to support the Everglades Foundation. You can always donate directly to the organization or purchase products from one or more of its partners. You can participate in Give Miami Day on November 17, an annual event that brings together the entire Miami-Dade community and raises money for local non-profits. You can also give early. If you cannot do any of those things, you can spread awareness about the importance of preserving the Everglades through your social media channels or any other platform you can access.

What Are Some of the Benefits of Supporting the Everglades Foundation?

Supporting the foundation means investing in the long-term health and preservation of the Everglades. It means ensuring that this unique ecosystem, and all the plant and animal species that call it home, will be protected for years to come.

  • Protecting and preserving a unique ecosystem: The Everglades is home to plant and animal species. Supporting the foundation helps to protect and preserve this ecosystem.
  • Improving water quality: The Everglades Foundation works to improve water quality in the Everglades, which can positively impact the ecosystem’s health and the people and businesses that depend on it.
  • Supporting scientific research: The foundation supports scientific research on the Everglades, which helps to understand the ecosystem better and develop effective conservation strategies.
  • Advocating for policy changes: The foundation advocates for policy changes at the local, state, and federal levels that support the Everglades conservation.
  • Raising awareness: The foundation raises awareness about the importance of the Everglades and the threats it faces.
  • Supporting education: The Everglades Foundation supports education and public outreach programs that help educate people and engage them in conservation efforts.

How Can I Learn More About the Everglades Foundation?

You can learn more about the Everglades Foundation and its conservation efforts by visiting its website. You will find information about current projects, upcoming events, and ways to get involved in the foundation’s advocacy efforts. You can also follow the foundation on its various social media channels for news updates and to join the conversation. Signing up for their newsletters will help you stay informed about their work.


Through the Everglades Foundation’s Everglades Literacy Program, our youth will be presented with unique opportunities to learn about and support the Everglades’ sensitive ecosystems. Our support and your support will help continue the critical work to benefit the state for many years. Together, we can make a difference in preserving this precious natural resource.

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