The EasyIT Difference: What Makes Us Different From Other IT Companies In Columbus?

So many Columbus IT companies offer roughly the same solutions, rates, and capabilities. That begs the question: what sets one apart from the other?

We believe it’s our culture, service quality, and commitment to our clients—but don’t take our word for it…

“As the company grew and my role expanded, we brought on EasyIT as a managed service provider, and have had an excellent experience so far,” says Chris Wardell, Director of Information Technology, Paul J. Ford & Company.

There are so many reasons why Paul J. Ford & Company works with EasyIT—discover them all in this video with Chris:

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EasyIT Is An Extension Of Paul J. Ford & Company’s IT Team

“The main benefit has been that they’re like an extension of our team, instead of them just coming in and running everything,” says Chris.

Our goal is simple: we want to make IT easier for our clients in the business world. The intention is to build lasting partnerships with our clients, by becoming an extension of their IT teams. Put simply, we become a part of your IT department, handling everything and anything IT-based that’s beyond your team’s resources and means.

“It can be as collaborative as I want it,” says Chris. “If I want to be more involved, they’ll offer multiple solutions.”

This approach to IT support allows our clients to take advantage of the expertise and skill our team offers, without paying expensive salaries or benefits. It’s an affordable solution that allows you to expand your current IT resources and make sure you always have the tech support you need.

“We depend on them to take care of the infrastructure, we take care of the more business-related things,” says Chris. “It makes my job a lot easier.”

As an extension of our clients’ IT departments, we often help to manage many aspects of their IT environments. We do this either fully or partially, based on the company’s particular needs.

Our priorities in infrastructure management include:

  • Infrastructure support
  • Helpdesk assistance
  • Network and security operations support
  • Security event remediation

“I couldn’t ask for a better communication style, it’s like they’re an extension of the team,” says Chris.

EasyIT Keeps Paul J. Ford & Company Secure

As convenient as business technology can be, it also poses a serious threat to businesses. The more accessible your data, the more piecemealed your network, the more devices that store business data…then the more vulnerabilities you may have.

“Security is a major concern,” says Chris. “That’s something the EasyIT team has filled in wonderfully.”

Cybersecurity is more important now than ever! EasyIT helps clients like Paul J. Ford & Company utilize technology to its fullest potential while working with them to keep their sensitive data safe. That’s why we offer:

  • Endpoint Protection: All your computers, mobile devices, and every computing device on your network, including those working in a “work from home” environment.
  • Network Security: EasyIT focuses on ensuring that the integrity of your network is never compromised.  Authentication protocols, wireless network security, antivirus, and antimalware systems are installed and maintained to maximize security.
  • Perimeter Protection: Having a firewall is simply not enough. Today’s zero-day vulnerabilities, internet threats, and sophisticated hacking attempts threaten organizations every day. EasyIT’s perimeter protection solutions ensure the integrity of your online systems and network.
  • Continuous Monitoring: Organizations today must have an IT company that continuously monitors the network and can proactively harden cybersecurity defense if and when threats are detected.
  • Cybersecurity Education: Cybersecurity education is a critical component to ensuring the security of your sensitive business systems. Organizations today must continuously educate and inform staff of all possible threats from ransomware, social engineering, and phishing.

Have You Settled For Basic IT Support?

You deserve what Chris and the whole team at Paul J. Ford & Company have—you deserve better IT support.

The quality and effectiveness of your IT team are up to you. Will you give them the resources and support they need to succeed?

Get the IT partner you need with EasyIT.

How Much Should Your Organization Pay For IT Support Services in Columbus?

How Much Should Your Organization Pay For IT Support Services in Columbus?

Many of our competitors will never reveal how much you should pay to outsource your IT support?

Not with EasyIT.

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