Local Coffee Shop Recruits Easy IT for Ongoing IT Service & Support

Our team of IT professionals was recently approached by a local coffee shop that was looking to secure ongoing troubleshooting support for their business. We were immediately onboard and eager to demonstrate why we were the best provider for the job.

Easy IT: Trusted & Reliable IT Support for Cafes & Coffee Shops in Columbus, Ohio

Not too long ago, our team of IT specialists got a message from the manager of a well-known local coffee shop in Columbus. We have to admit, we love hearing from local businesses who have decided to invest in their business by outsourcing IT service and support to a team of professionals.

The service industry continues to be dominated by innovative IT solutions that are designed to streamline client service and optimize internal operations. This local coffee shop had come to realize that while IT solutions helped them better serve their massive client-base and make things easier for their staff, they needed some support to make sure their IT infrastructure remained consistently functional and optimized.

Coffee shops rely on providing quick service to clients. There’s no time for technical difficulties when you’re trying to provide a hot cup of coffee to customers on their morning commute to work. That’s why we were so happy to see that this Columbus coffee shop had come to realize the value of bringing in a team of IT experts to make sure their systems were always running at optimal capacity.

What They Were Looking For: Reliable Troubleshooting & Break-Fix Support

The best thing about the request we received from this local coffee shop manager is that they were clear about what they were looking for and the kind of IT support they needed. They let us know right away that they didn’t need anything fancy or full-service, they just needed a provider they could trust to provide reliable support when they needed it.

For instance, unlike an accounting firm or legal office that might require fully-managed IT services and strategic planning, this local coffee shop was simply looking for a team of IT professionals that could help them keep their systems running smoothly and be there to provide emergency troubleshooting or break-fix IT support as needed.

Here’s exactly what they said they were looking for:

  • A strategic team of IT professionals to provide troubleshooting and break-fix IT support.
  • A reliable IT support company to stay on board with their business to provide help and guidance as needed.
  • An initial consultation with our team of IT specialists to discuss the service and pricing options we could offer to meet their needs.

We can’t say enough just how impressed we were by the proactivity of this local coffee-shop manager. They knew exactly what they needed and they didn’t hesitate to reach out to a team of IT professionals to determine how to make it happen. We knew immediately that this was our ideal kind of client to work with.

How Easy IT Met & Exceeded Their Expectations

Easy IT doesn’t believe in one-size-fits-all IT solutions. We take the business of every client we work with very seriously. This means we’re committed to providing entirely customized IT service and support packages to meet the unique needs of any organization. Since this coffee shop manager made it clear that they were mostly looking for reliable troubleshooting support, we immediately got to work to develop a customized support package to meet these needs.

We started by asking this potential client if their request was urgent. We wanted to make sure that their coffee shop was not in the middle of an IT breakdown requiring immediate support. If so, we would have sent a team of IT specialists to them directly to get their systems restored immediately. However, once they let us know that there was no immediate issue, we scheduled a consultation and advised them we would be prepared with a comprehensive proposal demonstrating the services we could offer to meet their needs.

Here’s are the services and supports we thought would be best suited to their business:

Initial Consultation: System Assessment & Optimization

First things first: we told the coffee shop manager that we would come in and conduct a quick but thorough review and assessment of their IT infrastructure. Conducting this initial assessment would help our team of specialists get the lay of the land and understand the best ways to provide ongoing IT consultation and support.

Additionally, however, conducting a comprehensive review of the coffee shop’s IT infrastructure would also allow us the opportunity to identify things that required attention or optimization. As a first step, we always make sure our clients are working with the best IT infrastructure possible and we ensure that it is strategically positioned and optimized to support their business needs. This way, we can eliminate unnecessary resources and make strategic suggestions for optimizing necessary ones.

24/7 Helpdesk Support Services 

The most important part of our proposed service plan was our commitment to providing 24/7 helpdesk support services. By investing in these services, this Columbus coffee shop could rest assured that a trusted team of IT experts was always just a phone call away. This goes a long way in terms of eliminating unpredictability.

This means their staff can rest assured that they will never be left high-and-dry in the face of technical difficulties or an IT emergency. We don’t limit our helpdesk hours, meaning clients can always count on us to provide prompt and professional support whenever it may be required.

Our round-the-clock helpdesk services include:

  • Fast and friendly help desk support from a team of reliable and skilled professionals
  • Expertise in a wide variety of IT applications and technologies
  • Easy avenues for communication with our support staff either through a dedicated support phone number or email address
  • Fully-staffed service from Monday-Friday (8:00 am-6:00 pm) and 24/7 on-call emergency support
  • Reliable and responsive support for a cost-effective fixed rate

Ongoing Strategic Consultation & Support 

Finally, we explain that in addition to our initial assessment and 24/7 helpdesk services, we could provide their coffee shop with ongoing strategic consultation and guidance on all things IT. The reality is, technology continues to drive fast-paced innovation in the service industry. This means that businesses like coffee shops need to keep their IT systems up-to-date in order to maintain a competitive approach to operations.

With our commitment to ongoing consultation and support, we assured this local coffee shop manager that we would schedule regular check-ins to ensure their systems were running optimally. During these regular check-ins, we would also be sure to keep their team informed about the most cutting-edge solutions available to them and work with them consistently to keep capital IT expenses low.

We’re committed to providing customized and adaptable IT service and support to every client we work with – no matter how small or large their organization might be. Wondering if we might be the right IT provider for your Columbus cafe or coffee shop? Let’s schedule an initial consultation!

No matter the type or scope of IT support you require, we can develop a strategic service plan customized to meet your needs. Are you looking for IT support for Columbus coffee shops and cafes? We’re on standby, ready and waiting to help!

Give us a call anytime at (614) 339-4999, drop us a line at sales@easyit.com, or visit our website at www.easyit.com to chat with a live agent and book an IT service and support consultation for your business!

How Much Should Your Organization Pay For IT Support Services in Columbus?

How Much Should Your Organization Pay For IT Support Services in Columbus?

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