Females in Finance – The Impact Of Mega Projects In Ohio

The recent event hosted by EasyIT, Fifth Third Bank, USI, and Clark Shaper Hacket was a successful gathering focused on women in finance. The event occurred in the stunning office space provided by Air Force One.

Betsy Goldstein led the keynote presentation, discussing the significant projects currently underway in Ohio. Many attendees expressed that they gained a lot from the session. If you want to learn more about females and finance, contact any sponsors.

Key Takeaways

  • Several prominent organizations hosted a women’s finance event.
  • Betsy Goldstein spoke about major projects in Ohio.
  • Attendees found the event highly educational.

Event Recognition

Gratitude to the Event Organizers

You must thank EasyIT, Fifth Third Bank, USI, and Clark Shaefer Hackett for organizing another wonderful Females in Finance event. The collaboration among these groups made the event successful and educational for all attendees.

Praise for the Use of Office Space

You should also thank Air Force One for allowing the use of its impressive office space for the event. This excellent venue contributed to the learning experience for everyone involved.

YouTube video

Keynote Presentation

Speaker Introduction

You will be pleased to hear from Betsy Goldstein at this month’s event. Betsy is the lead speaker and brings knowledge to our discussion. You will appreciate her expertise on the topics at hand.

Discussion on Ohio Mega Projects

Betsy Goldstein dives into the exciting mega projects happening across Ohio. These projects shape the region’s future and significantly impact the community and economy. You will find the insights shared to be incredibly beneficial.

Attendees’ Experience

EasyIT, Fifth Third Bank, USI, and Clark Schaefer Hackett organized another fantastic Females and Finance event. Special thanks go to Air Force 1 for providing their stunning office space for the occasion.

The keynote speaker, Betsy Goldstein, shared insights on the major projects happening in Ohio. Many women who attended the event mentioned that they gained valuable knowledge.

If you want to learn more about Females and Finance, don’t hesitate to contact event sponsors.

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