Teams and Zoom are two of the biggest competitors in the collaboration market and are being used in the remote workforce now more than ever. Zoom leads the industry in video communications while Teams is an all-in-one workstream collaboration tool. Below is a chart that compares some of the most popular features of the tools. While you are adjusting to life as a remote worker, which tool works best? You may find one works better in certain scenarios while the other works better in different settings.

Teams Zoom
Full integration with Office 365 Supports up to 1000 participants
Video conferencing with background blur Can have up to 49 videos on screen
Audio with in-line transcription End-to-end encryption for all meetings
File and screen sharing HD Video and Audio
Instant messaging one-to-one and in groups Role-based security
Access from all devices Screen sharing and co-annotation
End-to-end security Recording and transcription
Recording File sharing
Collaborate with users within your channels Easier to invite external collaborators
Endless bots for integrating extra functionality Streamlined calendaring with integrations to Outlook and Gmail
Tabs to make finding information easy Team chats with groups
  Searchable history


Review which options you need the most and determine which product works best for you. What you may find is that a combination of the two are the best solution. If security is key in your collaboration and communication, you may want to look more deeply into Teams. Microsoft’s model is more mature and is a leader in collaboration security. They have built layered security into their Teams program which is hard to beat. If you are holding more casual meetings with larger groups of people and the content is less sensitive, Zoom may be the better option.

Regardless of the tool you choose, make an informed decision before sharing any data over the Internet. Your home environment is not as secure as your workplace, so your tools need to help you boost your security.


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How Much Should Your Organization Pay For IT Support Services in Columbus?

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