EasyIT Helps Otterbein University Respond To Ransomware Attack

You’ve probably heard a lot about ransomware and other cybercrime threats. It’s easy to hype up the doom and gloom about cybercrime – fear is often a great motivator.

At a certain point, it’s probably turned into background noise, right? You hear so much about these types of threats that you may begin to become numb to it.

Here’s a reminder of just how real cybercrime is: Otterbein University, a client of ours now, reached out to us for help with a potential ransomware infection.

“It was a nightmare discovering that we had a ransomware attack,” says Tim Pindell, Systems Administrator, Otterbein University. “We knew that our computer systems and data were at risk.”

How Did We Help Otterbein University?

“We had an in-house IT team, but they needed support to solve our array of problems,” says Tim. “In a nutshell, our situation required the intervention of professionals with robust IT knowledge.”

As an active organization, Otterbein University can’t afford to put up with the disruption and damage posed by a ransomware attack. While their internal IT team was capable of addressing the situation, they needed backup support as well.

Working quickly, our team initiated critical processes to learn about the source of the ransomware attack, and how best to respond to it:

  • We sent additional staff onsite to evaluate the state of their IT systems
  • We determined how the attack infiltrated their system, so that it could be prevented in the future
  • We secured all files that had not yet been infected by ransomware

“The EasyIT team has impressive skills,” says Tim. “They were able to make the ransomware attack disappear without causing further disruption to our systems.”

What Would Happen If You Were Infected With Ransomware Right Now?

Do you have a plan? Are your system endpoints protected? Are your backups recent, tested, and viable?

It’s a mistake to assume that just because you haven’t been hit by ransomware yet, that you won’t be anytime soon. You may think you can put off investing in effective cybersecurity support, but without warning, you may get hit.

Don’t assume you’re safe — by working with the EasyIT team, you’ll know for sure.

“I strongly feel that EasyIT’s services have benefited our organization in countless ways,” says Tim. “EasyIT is not just a reliable partner — they are part and parcel to our organization. Thanks to them, our organization is safer, and our future goals are clearer than ever.”

How Much Should Your Organization Pay For IT Support Services in Columbus?

How Much Should Your Organization Pay For IT Support Services in Columbus?

Many of our competitors will never reveal how much you should pay to outsource your IT support?

Not with EasyIT.

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