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When you invested in your information technology, you probably didn’t expect it to end up creating more pain than gain, right? As a leading managed IT services provider in Columbus, OH, we have come across countless organizations that struggled with their IT networks, especially as their IT demands grew alongside their business.

Simply put, there’s no point in spending a lot of money on the latest technology if you don’t back it with reliable IT support. Whether you are a large enterprise, a growing business, a government, or a non-profit organization, it may be the right time to consider outsourcing or co-sourcing your IT services. Not sure what that means or how it will help solve your technology woes? Allow us to offer some perspective.

Looking for a Reliable Columbus, OH IT Company to Solve Your Technology Woes

What Are Outsourced IT Services?

If you choose to outsource your IT services to EasyIT, we will essentially serve as your external IT team and carry out all the functions of an internal IT department. So, why should you choose outsourced IT services over your own IT department? In a nutshell, outsourcing will allow your organization to leverage an experienced IT company’s processes, tools, and technical expertise at a scale that fits your unique needs.

What Are Co-Sourced IT Services?

With co-sourcing, EasyIT partners with your internal staff to form an integrated IT team collaborating seamlessly towards solutions and improvements. There are a couple of reasons why you should consider co-sourcing. For starters, it could free your staff from mundane, routine maintenance, and support tasks, so they can focus on your overall IT strategy. Also, co-sourcing could help augment the capabilities and availability of your internal team.

What IT Challenges Will Outsourcing or Co-Sourcing to EasyIT Solve?

  • Unexpected IT Costs: One of our core values here at EasyIT is transparency. We believe in being as open and straightforward as possible with our clients about what they should pay, the services they should expect in return, and how they stand to benefit. Whatever the size of your business, we realize that IT represents a significant financial and time investment. This is also the reason behind our elastic pricing model that allows your IT costs to grow or shrink according to your business demands.
  • Increased IT Demands: As your business grows, so do your IT needs. Therefore, it’s inevitable that your existing IT staff will soon find it difficult to cope with the larger workload if they haven’t already. The reality is, comprehensive IT support is a collaborative effort. By outsourcing or co-sourcing to EasyIT, you lift the burden from your team, so your network is always up and secure.
  • Expensive IT Infrastructure: Outsourcing and co-sourcing allow your organization to leverage our robust IT infrastructure designs without incurring prohibitively high purchase, monitoring, and maintenance costs. These savings, coupled with the increased productivity afforded by EasyIT’s cutting edge technology, will ensure your business continues to grow steadily.
  • Weak Data Security Posture: In today’s digital business world, it’s hard to overstate the significance of information security. The higher frequency of data breaches and other cybercrimes are just a couple of the indicators of a growing online threat environment. However, EasyIT provides a foolproof blend of security products and best practices, so you never have to worry about buying back your sensitive data or losing your customer’s trust.
  • Crisis Situations: Do you have a backup plan in case your current IT support person suddenly quits or is unable to work? While this may be an uncomfortable question, it’s crucial to ensuring business continuity. Although we prefer a notice, when worse comes to worst, you can count on EasyIT to come to your rescue.

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How Much Should Your Organization Pay For IT Support Services in Columbus?

How Much Should Your Organization Pay For IT Support Services in Columbus?

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