People have been thrust into a new role of remote workers. Others are trying their hands as remote managers. Realize that workers are not only working from home but homeschooling, possibly caring for an elderly parent and managing the household along with taking care of work duties. Here are some tips for managing a remote workforce.

Focus on Goals

  • Create a goal-oriented mentality instead of an activity-oriented mentality to management
  • Don’t focus on how much time employees are spending on tasks
  • Set deliverables that are attainable

Communication Needs to be Open and Expectations Need to be Clear

  • It’s important for teams to communicate often
  • Make sure expectations are set and that they are clear
  • Make sure that standards are clearly set
  • Deadlines are a must for work projects
  • To keep everyone on track, standing meetings or quick check-ins should be scheduled

Figure Out How to Foster Community

  • Encourage online interaction within the virtual environment
  • Don’t hang your co-workers out in the virtual work world, making them feel isolated and forgotten
  • Instill a company culture within the virtual environment
  • Observe birthdays, work anniversaries, goals being met
  • Have a virtual retreat, virtual team lunch or a virtual happy hour with video chat so everyone can see one another


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How Much Should Your Organization Pay For IT Support Services in Columbus?

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