Willie Neumann Relies On EasyIT For 25+ Years As His IT Service Savior In Columbus, Ohio

For nearly three decades, EasyIT has been Willie Neumann’s reliable partner in IT.

As a fractional CIO, Willie offers strategic IT planning, analysis, and overall IT management services for various organizations. He helps his clients develop an IT strategy with up-to-date resources to ensure security, productivity, and efficiency.

However, while Willie provides high-level oversight, he can’t implement that strategy alone. That’s why he’s worked with EasyIT for so long.

“Kurt and his folks at EasyIT are just a group of great people,” says Willie. “They know me and I know them personally.”

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EasyIT Is This CIO’s Partner In Otterbein University’s IT Management

One of Willie’s key clients is Otterbein University, which offers eight graduate programs, 44 minors, and 74 majors. As with most higher learning facilities in the United States, they’re focused on providing high-quality, future-focused learning experiences.

As Otterbein’s CIO, Willie urged them to invest in advanced digital infrastructure, online learning resources, and remote-ready platforms for a successful future. That’s why they partner with EasyIT.

“They’re a great resource of people I know I can rely on,” says Willie. “EasyIT does an excellent job of managing the details of a project.”

EasyIT Helped Otterbein Recover From A Devastating Ransomware Attack

“On March 9, 2020, we had a ransomware attack that was very ugly,” says Willie.

Ransomware is a prevalent and dangerous threat to all organizations, including institutions like Otterbein University. In early 2020, they were heavily infected with the malware, leading to extensive system damage.

They lost 150 servers, their internal infrastructure, 140 computers on campus, and their backups too. The vast majority of their IT environment had to be rebuilt, so Willie enlisted EasyIT’s expert support.

“Over a period of months, Anthony and the EasyIT team helped us recover from that,” says Willie. “They really helped us through a rough spot.”

EasyIT Helped Otterbein Pivot To Remote Work

“They are my go-to people when it comes to moving targets and disasters,” says Willie.

IT resources have never been as important as now as most professionals work from home during the COVID-19 pandemic. Organizations like Otterbein University need the right technologies and processes in place to stay connected and productive while working remotely.

Due to how quickly the pandemic developed, many organizations could not prepare for the shift to a remote work setting. Doing so would have required careful planning, methodical execution of new processes, and expert implementation of new technologies.

Fortunately, Willie and Otterbein University can rely on EasyIT for expert assistance. The EasyIT team ensured that everyone working remotely for Otterbein University had what they needed to do productively and securely.

“They helped us figure out how to get that done and set up the environments to give everyone remote access in a secure manner,” says Willie. “They have helped me through some rough spots.”

EasyIT Is Everything Willie & Otterbein University Needs In An IT Partner

EasyIT doesn’t just provide basic help desk support for Willie and Otterbein University. They extend their NSOC (Network Security Operations Center). They do everything they can to ensure that Otterbein University’s environment is always optimized for its operations.

Whenever Willie needs help solving a problem or handling damage control, he knows he can call EasyIT. That’s why we’ve worked together for nearly three decades.

Can you say the same about your IT support? If not, book a meeting with the EasyIT team to talk further.

How Much Should Your Organization Pay For IT Support Services in Columbus?

How Much Should Your Organization Pay For IT Support Services in Columbus?

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