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More Than Just An Average IT Company

EasyIT believes in giving back and working in the local community. We're here to help the community that helped us when we were first starting out.
25 years in the it business
Support 7,500+ users
Completed 1.8 million service tickets
50 dedicated team members
Support 8,000+ endpoints
Easy IT

What Makes EasyIT So Great?

EasyIT isn’t just the name of our company. It’s the foundation of our culture and the core of our service mission.

CEO Kurt Hoeft first chose this name when speaking to a prospective client. All they wanted was for IT to be easy, and so, Kurt made that our primary goal for our work, and the spirit of our brand.

When assessing a problem and seeking a solution, we endeavor to make the client’s life easier. When reviewing our work and assessing our quality of service, we ask ourselves whether we made IT easier.

It’s our name, our culture, and our mission: to simplify the user experience and eliminate the chronic problems that our clients have come to associate with technology.

The most important aspect of our service quality is the 40+ people that make up our staff. The EasyIT team is proud of the robust and encouraging business culture we’ve built over the course of our time in business.

Our team is encouraged to work together and play together, committing both to delivering effective support for our clients, as well as taking time for recreation, friends and family. When possible, we host barbeques, social outings, and philanthropic events for our staff, helping to further develop the strength of our team and the culture of our business.

Easy IT Team
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Females In Finance With Pedals that Inspire

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EasyIT’s Role in Elevating “Females in Finance”

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How Much Should Your Organization Pay For IT Support Services in Columbus?

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Not with EasyIT.

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22 years in the it business
support 6,000+ users
completed 1.3 million service tickets
consumer choice award past 4 years
support 6,000+ endpoints