Revitalizing Business Continuity for Kleshinski, Morrison & Morris, LLP through EasyIT’s Robust and Secure Co-Managed IT Services

Kleshinski, Morrison & Morris, LLP (KMM), a distinguished Certified Public Accountants (CPA) firm in Mansfield and Columbus, OH, has been a paragon of excellence in the financial services sector since 1963. They boast a strong team of eight certified public accountants, all members of respected organizations such as the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and the Ohio Society of Certified Public Accountants. Despite its strong internal IT department, KM&M faced persistent technological challenges that began to disrupt its operations.

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The Challenge

After a few false starts with other Managed Service Providers (MSPs), KM&M was wrestling with persistent issues with their former MSP. The situation escalated when an essential email domain was unexpectedly deactivated, which could have caused severe disruption to their business communication during a critical period leading up to the tax deadline if EasyIT had not jumped in immediately to resolve the issue.

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The Secure and Swift Solution by EasyIT: Co-Managed IT Services

In response to KM&M’s urgent issues, Matt Boehm, IT Manager at KM&M, turned to EasyIT. Christopher, a vital member of the EasyIT team, responded swiftly. As a partner in the “EasyIT & Me” Co-Managed IT Services designed to provide an efficient, secure, and swift solution, Christopher knew exactly what to do:

  1. Expedited migration of KM&M’s email service to Microsoft’s O365 platform, assuring enhanced email protection and routing.
  2. Restored email operations, preventing business disruption.
  3. Facilitated a smooth and hassle-free onboarding process to the new system.

EasyIT’s Commitment to Security

Given the nature of KM&M’s business, data security is paramount. EasyIT understands this and puts security at the forefront of its services. This commitment aligns perfectly with Matt Boehm and KM&M’s focus on maintaining high-security standards. EasyIT’s robust security protocols ensure that KM&M can operate with the confidence that its data and communications are protected.

A Breath of Fresh Air: The Immediate Impact

Six months into the partnership, EasyIT’s swift, effective intervention and focus on security have breathed fresh life into KM&M’s operations. Matt Boehm appreciated EasyIT’s dedication, efficient problem-solving, and supportive approach during their onboarding and subsequent weeks. The transition to EasyIT’s Co-Managed IT Services has been described as “fantastic” and “a breath of fresh air.”

The Value of Co-Managed IT Services

Co-managed IT Services provide a synergy of a firm’s internal IT resources and the expertise of an external IT services provider. The benefits include:

  1. Expanded IT capabilities.
  2. Prompt resolution of technical issues.
  3. Seamless integration of new technologies.
  4. Enhanced data security and business operations.
  5. Customized IT support to suit specific business needs.

The Road Ahead: An Ongoing Partnership

Having navigated the initial challenges successfully, EasyIT continues to be a reliable IT partner for KM&M, addressing its technology challenges as they arise. KM&M looks forward to a long-term supportive relationship with EasyIT, buoyed by its outstanding service quality.

In Conclusion

Kleshinski, Morrison & Morris, LLP’s journey illustrates the significant impact of a well-executed Co-Managed IT Service. Firms like KM&M, with strong internal IT departments, can leverage partnerships with adept IT service providers like EasyIT to enhance operations, resolve technical issues promptly, ensure business continuity, and fortify their data security.

How Much Should Your Organization Pay For IT Support Services in Columbus?

How Much Should Your Organization Pay For IT Support Services in Columbus?

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