Create A Poll In Microsoft Outlook

It’s great to have you here for this week’s Mondays with Megan! I’m thrilled to share a fantastic new feature in Outlook with you. The latest version of Outlook allows you to insert a poll directly from your email draft. Just go to the ‘Insert’ menu, and you can create and add polls seamlessly. This feature lets you ask questions, add response options, and even choose if there’s only one answer allowed.

Using this feature, you can quickly get feedback. For example, you can ask everyone how it went after a big staff meeting. Send your poll to your chosen email list and generate a link. Recipients can click the link to participate in your poll, making gathering and viewing the results a breeze.

Key Takeaways

  • Introduction of a poll feature in Outlook email drafts
  • Easily create polls and send them via email
  • Quickly gather and review poll results from recipients

New Outlook Email Feature

When drafting a new email in the latest version of Outlook, you can now easily insert a poll. Hover over the insert option to see the ability to add a poll directly.

How to Use the Poll Feature

  • Question Setup: Enter your question and possible answers.
  • Customization: Add multiple questions and specify if only one answer is allowed.
  • Generation: The poll was created in your email and added as a link.

This link will take recipients to a browser where they can answer the poll. It’s a quick way to gather feedback, such as after a big staff meeting. You can send this poll to a distribution list or any list of people.

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How to Use the Polling Feature

Drafting a New Email

First, create a new email in Outlook. This serves as the base for your poll.

Inserting a Poll

Next, go to the insert menu. There, you’ll find an option to add a poll. Choose this option to start creating your poll.

Customizing Poll Questions and Answers

Once you’ve inserted the poll, enter your question and add possible answers. You can set the poll to allow only one or multiple answers.

Adding the Poll to the Email

After you set your questions and answers, the poll is converted into a link automatically added to your email.

Poll Response Overview

When your recipients click the link, they’ll be taken to a browser to complete the poll. You’ll be able to view all responses easily within your Outlook.

Practical Application of Poll Feature

With the latest version of Outlook, creating polls within your emails has become very simple. When drafting a new email, you can hover over the “Insert” tab and choose to insert a poll. You’ll be asked to provide your question, possible responses, and additional questions. It’s flexible, allowing you to specify if there’s only one correct answer or multiple possible answers.

Once the poll is set up, it becomes a link in the email. Recipients can click this link, which opens in a browser, where they can participate in the poll. This feature is handy, especially if you need quick feedback from a group, like after a big staff meeting. Pull up your distribution list, create the poll, and send it out. You can then easily view all the responses.

Accessing Survey Results

Viewing the survey results is simple once you’ve sent out your poll through Outlook. After recipients complete the poll, you will receive an email notification with a summary of responses. The detailed results can also be accessed by clicking the link provided in the email.

Steps to View Results:

  1. Open the email notification you received about the poll responses.
  2. Click the link in the email to view detailed survey results.
  3. This link will take you to a browser page where you can see all the responses in an easy-to-read format.


  • Real-time updates: Responses are updated in real-time, allowing you to see the latest data as soon as it arrives.
  • Summary view: The browser page provides a quick summary of the overall response distribution.
  • Detailed response view: You can also see detailed individual responses if needed.

Using these steps, accessing and analyzing your survey data becomes seamless. Use these tools to get the most out of your polls.

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